Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Tart Truth of Life - Life Vision Changing Story-Hindi Story.


Life Vision Changing Story-Hindi Story

Once a saint called his two devotees and said - you have to go fifty kosh (15 Km) far from here. saint filled some food in a sack and gave to the first devotee and said to him who's you found right person on the way give to them. And one empty sack give to another devotee and said to him. whatever you got best in the way, take it and put into the sack. both came out. who had sack of luggage on the shoulder that was able to walk slowly.

Tart Truth of Life Awesome Story in English.

and the other devotee who had empty sack going very relax able. A little away he got the gold brick. He took it into the sack.  went a little further got one more brick and he pick it also. As he as walked he got gold and he was walking while filling in the sack. and the weight of sack increased. he became difficult to walk and breathing and also every step started to become difficult.

as other devotee walked, whatever he found on the way, he gave some thing to them. gradually the weight of sack became light. and it became easier to walk. the one who distributed it become reach to the destination, the one who kept collecting, died on the way. Think from the heart what we shared  in life and what we gathered, how will we reach the destination.

Tart Truth of Life.

After the age of 60 year no any buddies ask you. how much balance in your account or how much cars you have...?

Only Two Questions will be asked.

1st How is your health.

2nd What your Child's do.

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