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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Don't Throw Anything Away Waste.

Don't Throw Anything Away Waste.

 Don't Throw Anything Away Waste.

A gentleman named Khudi Ram Bose reached Shri Ishwar Chand Vidyasagar's house. Vidyasagar gave them oranges. Khudiram peeled off the oranges and started throwing his shanks by sucking them.  Vidyasagar said after seeing this -Look Brother! Don't throw them they will also be used for someone.

Don't Throw Anything Away Waste.

Khudiram said - who are you going to give them? Vidyasagar said with a smile - You keep them outside the window and move from there so now will be known.

Out of keeping those sucked stitches outside the window, some crow came to take them. Now Vidyasagar said - Look Brother!

as long as any substance is fit for any creature, it should not be thrown in vain. It should be kept in such a way that it does not spoil by being washed away and other animals can use it.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Disaster From Anti-Caste

Disaster From Anti-Caste

 Disaster From Anti-Caste

A hunter set his trap for trapping the birds. The two birds are trapped in his net. but birds decided immediately and fly with the trap. after seeing this the hunter very sad. He runs behind the birds on land. A saint was seeing this view from his ashram. they called the hunter near and asked - why are running in vain. The birds are flying with traps in the sky.

Disaster from anti caste

The hunter said -  Saint! Right now there has peace among these birds. they flying together in one direction. That's why they are taking my trap. But there can be a fight in these after a while. I am running behind them for waiting at that time. When they fall after the quarrel. then I will catch them.

The hunter was right. When the birds started getting tired for a while. then the protest against where they should stay. at the time of opposition, the direction of flight and speed of wings were not the same. and the result was that they could not handle that trap. By falling under the weight of the trap they themselves started falling and once they started falling and once start felling they got entangled in the trap. Now they were also stuck. They fell to the ground with the trap. The hunter caught very easily.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

 Result of Worship

Result of Worship

 Result of Worship

Maharishi Atri ashram was a holy symbol for his Austerity. around all the side had been raining of unending peace and divine joy. The chanting of yagyas and chanting of Vedas and mantras was the adobe of beauty in the ashram. maharishi looked sad even after being blissful. only one reason for his sadness is apala. She was his lovely daughter. His body was damaged by skin disease. 

His agitation was seen with the white Kush Canishans. The husband had removed her from her ashram because of this illness, she was taking time away from her father's ashram for a long time.

Result of Worship

His puberty was getting worse day by day; Maharishi Atri's unique affection had illuminated the lamp of his life. Appala took refuge of Indra for the retirement of skin diseases. She devotedly worshiped him. It was known that Indra is pleased with Somaras. It was his heartfelt desire to give Indra a direct vision and accept Som.

What a pure moonlight. The moon looks as if he has just taken a bath in Amritsagar or the sages have anointed him with the milk of Kamadhenu. ' After bathing in the lake, Apala placed the urn full of water on her shoulder, she was happy - the night had already entered the first hour - she was going towards the ashram.

Undoubtedly, Indra is very happy with me today, I have got mine everywhere. He saw mildness on the way and somabhishek was finished as soon as he applied it with a tooth for examination, Somersus particles fell from his tooth on the earth. He has great joy with mildness. His penance became immortal in the form of Somlata. Apala saw a divine man in the night itself.

I roam from house to house for Songan. Today, at this time with your Somabhiv Kriya, I came on my own. Indra introduced himself after getting down from the divine Swarnarath. Devaraj performed the prayers. He inspired to ask for a boon in satiety.

Your happiness is my wish fulfillment. Let there be a philosophy of worship, what better luck than that! Brahmavadini Rishijanya praised Indra.

True devotion never fails, Devi !! Indra grabbed Appala and pulled him out of his chariot-hole three times. By her grace, the skin disease was removed, she was illuminated by the sun's brilliance. The sage Atrin blessed the girl. Appala went to her husband's house. As a result of worship, his married life became succulent.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Who is Great?

Who is Great?

 Who is Great?

Once Devrishi Had been a desire to know - Who is Greatest in this world! they thought that, they should to go to god. at the same time, it will be able to detect accurately. they went directly to Vaikunth. And expressed his sentiment to the lord by going there.

Do you know

God said - Naarad the earth looks biggest. But she is surrounded by the sea. she is not even big. and the matter of sea. So Agustye saint had drunk it. so  how can he also bigger. 

By this Agustye Ji Become biggest. But it is seen that in a limited index-like part of the book, they are only shining like a Khadyotavat-firefly, So how can they also biggest! Now the question related to the sky.

It is famous that God Vishnu measured this sky in one step in Vamanavtar, hence he is also very negligible in front of him. From this point of view, Lord Vishnu proves to 

be the greatest great being. However Narad Ji! They are also not the greatest. Because in your heart they are always seen blocked only in the astral site. That's Why Bro! who is greater than you? In fact, you proved to be the greatest.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Tart Truth of Life - Life Vision Changing Story-Hindi Story.

Tart Truth of Life - Life Vision Changing Story-Hindi Story.

Life Vision Changing Story-Hindi Story

Once a saint called his two devotees and said - you have to go fifty kosh (15 Km) far from here. saint filled some food in a sack and gave to the first devotee and said to him who's you found right person on the way give to them. And one empty sack give to another devotee and said to him. whatever you got best in the way, take it and put into the sack. both came out. who had sack of luggage on the shoulder that was able to walk slowly.

Tart Truth of Life Awesome Story in English.

and the other devotee who had empty sack going very relax able. A little away he got the gold brick. He took it into the sack.  went a little further got one more brick and he pick it also. As he as walked he got gold and he was walking while filling in the sack. and the weight of sack increased. he became difficult to walk and breathing and also every step started to become difficult.

as other devotee walked, whatever he found on the way, he gave some thing to them. gradually the weight of sack became light. and it became easier to walk. the one who distributed it become reach to the destination, the one who kept collecting, died on the way. Think from the heart what we shared  in life and what we gathered, how will we reach the destination.

Tart Truth of Life.

After the age of 60 year no any buddies ask you. how much balance in your account or how much cars you have...?

Only Two Questions will be asked.

1st How is your health.

2nd What your Child's do.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Insensibility - Satkatha Ank

Insensibility - Satkatha Ank


It is a matter of ancient times. A rich man hires an African man(Habsi) as a servant. He does not see any African man(Habsi) in his life. The servant has dark black color. The rich man thing-He never bath so he is black due to highly dust stuck.

Insensibility with Rob Jones & Jamie Ryan | Listen via Hubhopper

He randomly ordered his other servants to rub it thoroughly with soap and rub it until the body became clean and white.

The servant followed the owner's orders. Delayed soap could not change her body color even after rubbing. The bad effect of this shower was that African man (Habsi) got a cold and after a short time, she fell prey to the irrationality of her master.

The decision of sat-asat has great importance in the life of man. If the owner had acted with good faith, then the African man(Habsi) would not have died.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Difference Between Eyes and Ears - Satkatha Ank

Difference Between Eyes and Ears - Satkatha Ank

Difference Between Eyes and Ears

Three man went to a sant for become disciples. The sant asked them - Tell ! How much difference between eye and ear? At this First man said - Maharaj ! There is five finger gap. The Second said - Maharaj ! In the world, the sight of eye is considered more certified than ear heard. This is the difference between eye and ear.

It is better to trust the eyes rather than the ears | Picture Quotes
Difference Between eye and ear

The third said - Maharaj ! there is more difference between eye and ear. Work is characterized by the eye. the Eye shows only cosmic sabstence, But ear is also shown to show the element of purity. This is the special difference. The sant did not accept the disciple earlier. The second one was worshiped and third one preached Brahm gyan.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Importance of Labour - Satkatha Ank

Importance of Labour - Satkatha Ank

Importance of Labour

My children! whatever I have to give you, I give equally to both of you. All my property is in these fields only. By producing enough food by them you can take care of your family. at the same time, you should remember also be remember that I have kept my capital hidden in this field. you can use need it when needed. The farmer breathed his last on death bed.

importance of labour

As soon as father died, both children considered the capital they had hidden in the fields. they dug the field. An inch was not left empty due to the digging of land. He was very surprised that the father never gave a false speech after forgetting in life and while dying he could not lie in any situation. He did not get any fury due to lack of money in the field. He sowed the seeds satisfactorily. And when the crop was ripe, there was a lot of grain in the field. No person was born in that field in the village.

 We did not understand the intention of the father saying. He had given the education to earn the farm well while walking and with his blessings. We received so much food. Both boys paid tribute to the heavenly soul. The road to improvement is labor, The boys of farmer child made it a point in their lives.