Monday, May 4, 2020

Traditional Love Is Not For Sale- Satkatha Ank

Traditional Love Not Thing  To Sale

A householder solitaire was a saint. once a person come to their with taking 2 thousand gold coins and said - my father was your freind. He earned money religiously. I have come to serve you with the bag of some gold coins and accept them. after saying this he left the bag and went away.

The saint was silent that time did not say anything. from behind, the saint called his son and said-Son! give packet of money  back to such good person. telling them- I had a love affair with you father for my spiritual god and not about worldly subject.

The son said - Father! is your heart made by stone. you know that your family is big.and their is no money buried in the house. this good gentleman has gave gold coin with asking. so you should accept them only by taking pity misdeed. 

The saint Said - Son! is it your desire that people of my family take pleasure in money and i sell my divine love and in return buy some gold coins and commit the crime of merciful god?

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