Saturday, December 5, 2020

Pride of wealth makes alone (bliss)


Pride of wealth makes alone (bliss)

A  rat entered the big jewelry shop in the city. There he swallowed a diamond worth millions. While doing this, One of the shop servants noticed. But until he ran to catch him the mouse ran away. The shop owner made an advertisement and announced.

That whoever brings a diamond after hunting the Rat. will give millions of money in reward. Seeing the advertisement, many people went to the area near the shop where hundred of rats lived. But the all mouse looked the same. So someone, could not understand which rat swallowed the diamond.

Eventually, a man came and direct goes to a mouse and, catching it, took the diamond out of his stomach. The owner of the shop was surprised to see this. He rewarded the man and asked - among so many mice, how you did know that this mouse swallowed the diamond!

The man replied, This was just a mouse sitting alone in a high place, 

isolated from the rest of mice.


Learning Point

A person is left alone when he consider himself  high in the pride of rich.


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