Friday, May 8, 2020

Tomorrow Work Do Today, Today's Work Now - Satkatha Ank

Tomorrow Work Do Today, Today's Work  Now

Do Tomorrow's Work Today ... | Quotes & Writings by Ajinkya Upare ...A woman returned to her father's house. she was telling her husband- My brother is disgusted. he is going to be a monk by taking initiation on the next Diwali. From now, He started preparation. He is engaged in making proper arrangements for his property.  The husband smiled after listening to his wife. The woman asked -Why did you laugh? what was the matter of laughing.

The man said- And all is well but i felt amazing of your brother's disgusted. is disgusted, and is the date fixed for taking initiation? And he has also started  making proper arrangements for property. Wealth intelligent in material possessions and a far-off plan in this good work.In this way, there is no sacrifice by preparation, renunciation is easy.

The women felt bad. she said- if you are such a knowledgeable person, why don't you do something. I was waiting for your permission. The man took off his clothes. and came out of the home wearing only a dhoti. The woman understood that its a joke and that in a short time her husband will return.But he did not go to return.

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